We offer a complete integration process of the magnetic resonant technology to multiple sectors and use cases

Our technology can be adapted to multiple sectors, from smart devices to drones and electric vehicles, providing an efficient and flexible way of charging them while reducing the cost of maintenance and operation.

Use cases

electric mobility use cases magnetika

Electric mobility

Electric mobility is a rapidly growing sector that aims to reduce carbon emissions and make transportation more sustainable. Electric cars, e-bikes, e-scooters, and electric buses are in more demand now. The main problem faced in this sector is the limited range of electric vehicles, which requires frequent charging, moreover the charging infrastructure is also not as developed as the traditional gas stations, which poses a challenge to the mass adoption of electric mobility.

Magnetika can help overcome these challenges by having a high-performance way of charging electric vehicles without the need for connecting cables or cords avoiding corrosion and intrusion of dust and moisture. This results in a cleaner, more autonomous and convenient way of charging, that can adapt dynamically to different distances and orientations.

<- Check out our demo of 36V E-Scooter Battery charged in a parking station.

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Autonomous systems

Drones and mobile robotics are used in various industries such as agriculture, construction, or logistics, which can be remote-controlled or autonomous. Their main use cases include aerial photography, surveying, inspection, or delivery, but they have a limited flight time and need frequent recharging. This is especially challenging for drones and mobile robots that operate in remote locations where access to charging infrastructure is limited.

Our technology provides a way to charge them wirelessly and correcting the coupling between antennas dynamically, without the need for human intervention. With Magnetika’s technology drones and mobile robots will be able to expand their work time and efficiency.

consumer electronics magnetika

Consumer electronics

Consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops are essential to our daily lives. The main issue in this sector is the limited battery life of these devices, which requires frequent charging. This is especially challenging for mobile devices that are used on the go, where access to charging infrastructure is limited.

Magnetika’s patented technology offers a convenient and efficient way of charging mobile devices wirelessly and in varying conditions, maximizing the efficiency, without the need for cables or cords. With it, products can be charged at larger distances with misalignment and misorientation between receiver and transmitter coils.

<- Check out our demo of IoT devices powered in variant circumstances. 

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smart home use cases magnetika

Smart Home

The smart home sector aim to make our homes more connected, convenient, and energy-efficient. Smart homes include home automation devices, smart lights, energy management, and home entertainment devices, among others. The main problem faced in this sector is the need for a lot of cables and cords, that are messy and inconvenient when moving the connected devices, bringing no flexibility.

However, Magnetika’s technology can help overcome these challenges by providing a way to charge 1 or more devices simultaneously while bringing complete flexibility when moving them. All in all, it can offer new disruptive ways of transferring energy to entertainment devices, smart lights, or simply between walls to eliminate cables installed in housing.

<- Check out our demo of a PC and Display powered at 35cm. 

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